Welcome three new ‘Wild Card’ entries on COLORS’ BIGG BOSS



The contestants have faced many daunting waves while sailing through the testing waters of COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS.’ But this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ is about to bring a massive storm their way that will wipe out every weak player from the house. Our ‘Dabangg’ host Salman Khan announces in tonight’s episode that in the next 48 hours, only top five contestants will remain in the house! This announcement takes everyone by shock as the stakes have gone through the roof.

With Shamita returning to the Bigg Boss house this ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, Salman has decided to sling the whip of justice in the house as he asks Shamita to interrogate some of her fellow housemates. She first asks Rajiv what made him accept jail time. Rajiv reveals he did so because his friends asked him to. Shamita then questions Vishal and others for playing dirty games and making deals with their own friends. Tejasswi lashes out at Shamita for giving advantage to her own friends rather than those who deserve it. Shamita defends herself saying that captaincy is different from being a VIP. Salman loses his patience and tells them that if it were up to him, everyone would be taking the stand!

Meanwhile, veteran actor Mahesh Manjrekar joins Salman on stage to burst the balloons of false air from every contestant’s head, literally and figuratively. He tells everyone, “Main batane waala hoon aapko kya galat fehmi hai, aur aapko aapka gubara khud fodna hai!” Mahesh tells Jay about how he has been too image-conscious and quips, “You don’t need to be Mr. Perfect!” Shamita learns how she has been self-centered and needs to listen to others, where Neha gets reminded that she is not on OTT platform anymore and needs to behave accordingly. Mahesh drills Vishal on thinking of himself as a master strategist, while Umar finds out he is not at all clear of what to do. Mahesh also takes on Tejasswi and Karan for hesitating to confess their love for each other. Salman Khan and Mahesh Manjrekar also introduce three new ‘Wild Card’ entries, former contestants Rashmi Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee and former ‘BIGG BOSS Marathi’ contestant Abhijit Bichukale.

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How will these new entries change the dynamics of this game? To find out, keep watching ‘BIGG BOSS’ presented by TRESemmé, powered by Knorr and Dabur Dantrakshak, beauty partner ‘Lotus White Glow’ and nutrition partner ‘Nourish’ every Monday to Friday at 10.30pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9.30pm only on COLORS!


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