MAFS fans weigh in on the trailers for next week’s episode



MAFS Michaela looks confused
MAFS trailers show Michaela has a meltdown Pic credit: Lifetime

The drama must be bigger in Texas because the Married At First Sight trailers for next week’s couples’ retreat are intense, to say the least. Complete with blow-ups, breakdowns, and possible break-ups fans have a lot to say about the new trailers and some of the couple’s behavior in them.

Hurricane K blows through the couple’s retreat

The MAFS couple’s retreat trailers have made quite a stir in the social media community. As the sneak peek reveals Michaela becoming so angry at Zack that she throws things and pushes over furniture, fans got busy with the comments.

The fan’s comments range from joking about “Hurricane K”, Michaela’s angry alter ego, touching down to calling Michaela “crazy” and accusing her of being toxic.

As the trailer unfolds it shows Michaela taking Zack’s suitcase away as he attempts to leave and when he finally does, pushing over tables and benches, while screaming.

The incident got so bad that the final scene reveals one of the producers holding Michaela back as she screams and knocks over a glass of wine on her way to slam the door in the camera crew’s faces.

Yes, it seems from the previews a Category 5 storm is coming to the couples retreat, Hurricane K storm to be exact.

While some fans joke about the upcoming “storm” other fans have a more serious take on the trailers and feel that it shows Michaela as toxic.

Fans are conflicted over the new MAFS trailer

We all know that MAFS can bring the drama, but has this season gone too far? Many fans are conflicted in their feelings on the upcoming couple’s retreat trailer and took to social media to express their feelings on it.

Judging from the trailers, it seems the upcoming couples’ retreat is going to be one for the MAFS books. But many fans aren’t quite sure how to feel about it.

Fans have felt many of the spouses this season have been at worst toxic and at best not ready for marriage. Fans zeroed in on husbands Johnny and Ryan, labelling them as some of the “worst husbands in MAFS history.”

The upcoming trailer reveals Michaela isn’t the only one with bad behavior on the couple’s retreat. With Bao angrily venting to the other ladies, and Brett and Ryan seeming to finally have the “get real” talk that the show’s experts and fellow costars have been begging them to have all season, and none of it looks pretty. Yikes.

It certainly has been a season fans will not be quick to forget, and it looks like there is still so much more to come.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.


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