“During my first film shoot I learned to drape a saree on my own”: Sonalee Kulkarni



Marathi film actress, Sonalee Kulkarni is very active on social media and often treats her followers with stunning and beautiful pictures from her photoshoots. While every frame is a treat for the eye, one of the looks that everyone just cannot get enough of is, her elegance in a saree! She has always loved draping sarees and its surely one of her favourite outfits because she believes that an Indian woman embellishes the essence of beauty and grace, in a saree. It is a fashion that will never go out of style.

Talking about her love for sarees, Sonalee Kulkarni said, “I like the femineity that sarees reflect. The pallu, the grace of the attire, the simplicity yet enhanced elegance, all of it complements the beauty of any woman. It is the most elegant and beautiful Indian outfit ever. Also apart from the fashion and style statement, sarees are also reminiscent of our culture, tradition and rich social history, which needs to be preserved and celebrated.”


Sonalee loves traditional sarees and has her huge collection of sarees, each for a different occasion. In fact, she recently collaborated as the brand ambassador for Sonalee Paithani Saree brand in Nashik. Sonalee believes that style is reflection of your personality and thoughts, so it is best to find your own style and so be bold to experiment. Her style tip for saree lovers is that – one would learn to drape sarees on their own, because only you know your body figure and fitting best. Sonalee learnt how to drape a saree herself while shooting for her first film!

Currently she is shooting for her upcoming musical film, Tamasha Live! and also has few other projects in the pipeline. Reflecting back on the pandemic lockdown period, she says it helped her realize that we actually need very less to be happy and that our loved ones should always be priority; so, in our hectic daily life its important to take out time for the ones we love.


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